Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I met Annie one faithful day in high school. A mutual friend had introduced me to this pink haired, carefree girl and I was immediately intrigued by her. We became fast friends and were soon hanging out all the time. Now, during this time, I thrived on the "demons" of life, such as drugs and alcohol. I did everything that I could get my grubby little hands on, and apparently the both of us had this in common. We used to spend countless hours in her room, discussing everything from music to life. Things were great like this for a couple years. Then things changed. I came to pick her up at her house on day and she had obviously been "partying". We walked into the house, only to find that she had left the sink upstairs running for hours, and the entire ceiling above her parents bed had caved in. When her parents got home, they were less than thrilled. One parent had actually punched her in the head. So I told her until the house was fixed that she could live with me. Big mistake. She would get trashed and come back at all hours of the day and night. That is when she would show up at all. Her things were in my house for months before they were finally picked up. I should have seen this as a warning sign, but did not. Our "demon" usage had progressed to near dangerous levels. While I was busying "skiing the snowcaps" Annie had begun "chasing the dragon". When I came to my senses and cleaned myself up, I respectfully bowed out of hanging out with her and her "friends". The last time I heard from her was when I got a call at 2am with her crying and telling me she wanted help. I offered to take her to rehab, and that offer was quickly turned down and replaced with an offer to "party" instead. I politely declined and asked her to never call me again (as I was working through my own issues still at the time). I heard a year or so later that she had burned down her parents house, rumor has it she nodded out with a cigarette. I will never know the real story, I just hope one day she gets her life together. I also hope that her parents finally learned their lesson about letting her live there.


Dana said...

I think you misheard the idiom "one fateful day", and wrote it as "one faithful day"

Mister Lean said...

You seem to think your better than her, because you stopped "partying" though. Couldn't you have tried to help her more than once?