Monday, April 14, 2008

Tiffany. We were fairly good friends for a few years in elementary school, but when highschool hit she started calling to hang out with her every day. It wasn't until years and years later after talking to other people who knew her did I realize she didn't have any other remotely close friends before me. Throughout our friendship she got progressively sluttier and used more drugs and heavier drugs. She also weighed about 250lbs when we first started hanging out, but mysteriously lost all the weight (I suspect it had to do with her drug use) and could never shut up about it. She would constantly transparently try to make me feel bad and fish for compliments by obviously sucking in what little stomach she had and asking if she looked fat. She would also force me to answer questions about whether or not she was fatter than women on the street (she would usually pick very fat women to ask about) and would not let up until I answered that she was skinnier. Her world revolved solely around her, and long past any stage of acceptability she would build up "relationships" with pervy older guys who she met online and met up with for no-strings sex, and she would never stop talking about these "relationships." Over the years she alienated me from my other friends by spreading rumours (again, that I would only realize years later had been started by her) about things I had done or how I supposedly felt about these people. The story ends when I had my 19th birthday party and just about burst into tears at how sad my life looked at that moment. She showed up with some drug addict who looked about ten years older than him, smashed a beer bottle on my walkway and tried to have sex with him in my bathroom. I sent her home, told her we were through on the phone the next day, and spent an entire year trying to distance myself from her.From what I hear, she never ended up getting her high school diploma, has "meth-face," and was arrested for having sex with a trucker at a rest stop. I can only hope all of it is true.