Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cheryl. After my final semester of college, I had my apartment for three more months until the lease expired. Cheryl was going through a toughtime financially, and I offered her my place for $500 flat, instead oft he $500 for each of the three months that the place was going to cost me. Two days before the lease was up, I showed up to gather the last ofmy stuff, snag the $500, and head off into the sunset. Cheryl wasn't packed, and the entire apartment was caked with what can only bedescribed as cat poophair. Regardless of this, I helped Cheryl pack her shit while her boyfriend slept on the mattress with the cats. During the last trip of moving stuff, I asked about the $500, andCheryl offered to mail it to me. Fine. Wonderful. Sadly, I never sawthat check, and luckily nor have I seen Cheryl or her bastard cats.


Sara said...

Can you please make "cat poophair" the catch phrase of 2008?

Christina said...

I am laughing aloud, reading "cat poophair," saying it over, and over.

Cat poophair.

My week is made.